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Catchy pressure!

Blogging is certainly not my thing so to make this easier and far less painful for myself I am going to chat about my thing...being arty farty and the history of Arty-Gifts!

So Arty-Gifts began a while back when I was pregnant with my daughter Ellie and I wanted to make some gifts for my family for Christmas. Wanting to try something exciting and new, I bought some glass paints and some wine glasses and there it where it started.

Everything I have made since has been something I have gifted to a loved one.

Ellie turned one, as did her friends and I painted them each a piggy bank. My style has changed over the years as people have asked for different things but Ellie's piggy bank is still one of my favourites and was the first I used my spot technique which features on my hen glasses.

My next Arty-Gift shaping product was the Hen Glass which to date I must have painted over a 1000!! My husband lives in a chaotic mess of paints, water pots and champagne flutes drying on radiators during Hen Party season!

Hen glasses are great to paint as having been on a few hen parties and taking them for the guests I know how much everyone enjoys having their own personal glass. My most ordered glass design has been the lovely simple heart with a spotted stem and some with a class Hen Party L Plate but I have also had some wonderful theme glasses from minions, to Safari, from under the sea to Little Miss, if you imagine it - I will try and paint it!

Ciao belle x

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